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Dry Eyes Chicago

Dry Eyes is one of the many specialties of Dr. Fernando Mosqueda at our Chicago optical facility, Chicago Vision Club.

Chicago Dry Eye Care
Dry Eye Care Chicago

Dry eyes may be one of the most frequent complaints we here from our patients, affecting approximately 20 million Americans.  Dry eyes is a condition that should not be left untreated.  If you are frequently rubbing your eyes, or your eyes are itchy, visit Dr. Mosqueda to discuss this problem.  Although the symptoms of dry eyes may be a variety of reasons, if you have any trouble with your eyes you should consult our Chicago dry eye facility.  If left untreated dry eyes may cause vision loss.  Chicago’s dry eye specialist, Dr. Mosqueda is committed to the specific diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes and other ocular surface disorders.  There is no absolute cure for the eye disease but there are several effective treatment options available at our Chicago dry eye clinic that can provide relief.

Chicago Dry Eye Specialist

During a regular eye exam with our Chicago dry eye specialist, Dr. Mosqueda, he will discuss any eye discomfort you may have.  In addition to dry eyes, Dr. Mosqueda has a passion for treating computer related fatigue and distressing vision.  Challenges always interest Dr. Mosqueda, such as hard to fit contact lens in patients.  Proper eye care is unavailable in many areas of the world and proper support and training for eye care professionals in other locales is lacking.  This is why Dr. Mosqueda at our Chicago eye care clinic provides eye exams and eyeglasses to the underprivileged in our Chicago community.  Visit our Chicago eye care clinic for your next eye care needs.

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