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Dry eyes and winter weather in Chicago IL

Eye care in Chicago IL
Eye care in Chicago IL

It is very common for people to have problems with dry eyes in the winter weather. If you are experiencing irritated eyes, or intermittently blurred vision, you should visit us at our Chicago Vision Club for expert eye care in Chicago IL.

The winter weather is extremely drying and many people experience worsened problems with dry eye as a result. When a patient has dry eye, they do not create enough tears to sufficiently lubricate their eyes, or the quality of the tears they create is not good enough to keep their eyes lubricated and healthy. Being exposed to the cold winter air can make a dry eye problem worse. This is because the cold winter air is extremely drying. In addition, forced gas air heat at home or at work can also contribute to your eyes being extremely dry. If you have dry eyes, it can be easily diagnosed during a comprehensive eye exam at our vision practice. Our optometrist will then be able to provide you with eye care in Chicago IL for your dry eyes. In the mildest cases of dry eyes, purchasing an over-the-counter artificial tears solution may be helpful. However, generally with mild to moderate dry eye, you will benefit most from medicated eye drops which can be prescribed by our optometrist. In the most serious cases of dry eye, you may need to see an ophthalmologist for eye surgery. During this surgery, the tear ducts in your eyes can be permanently closed so that tears will be able to stay in your eyes longer. Dry eye in itself is not a serious condition. However, if you constantly suffer with dry eyes it can cause permanent damage to your cornea.

For an appointment to see our optometrist for eye care in Chicago IL, especially dry eye care for your eyes during the winter weather, contact us today.

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