Lake View East Optical Store

Lake View East Optical Store

The experts at our what parts should be included in a research paper, Chicago Vision Club, understand the difficulties that come along with having an eye condition that is especially severe. That is why we offer the option of gas permeable or “hard” contact lenses for those who are unable to wear soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are the type of lenses that are typically prescribed because they are especially comfortable and easy to wear, but they are not effective enough for all eye patients. Hard, or gas permeable lenses, are not as easy or comfortable to wear as soft contact lenses but they do provide sharper, clearer vision for patients that need it. Those with severe astigmatism or nearsightedness usually are the ones that need to use hard or gas permeable contact lenses. Although these hard lenses are often more difficult to adjust to, you will notice a vast improvement in your visual quality and should find them easier to wear as time goes on.

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Contact Lenses Lake View East

Our eye professionals at Chicago Vision Club will help you learn how to take them out and insert them in to your eye, and will discuss how they feel with you. They will also make sure that they are fit to your eye as precisely as possible in order to ensure the optimal level of comfort. At our what parts should be included in a research paper, we carry a wide range of brands of contact lenses, so we will recommend what we think is best for you and change the brand if you are unhappy with the lenses you currently have.

To learn more about contact lenses and the other products and services available to you at our what parts should be included in a research paper, we encourage you to browse through the Chicago Vision Club website and to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. You can always get in touch with us by stopping by the store or giving us a call during our designated hours of operation, or you can send us a message online using the Contact Us form located on our store website. We hope to see you soon at Chicago Vision Club.

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