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At Chicago Vision Club, one of the most common reasons that patients seek immediate treatment from our Lincoln Park Chicago eye doctor is if they scratch their cornea. Corneal abrasions can be very uncomfortable and painful, and can even disrupt your vision. Fortunately, they usually have a fast healing time of about two to three days. There are many reasons why corneal abrasions occur. The cornea is the clear covering over the front part of your eye, and because it is so vulnerable to the outside world and whatever your eye comes into contact with, the structure of the cornea can easily be compromised and result in an abrasion.

Optical Emergencies 60657

Optical Emergencies 60657

Some examples of reasons for corneal abrasions include: something blowing into the eye, like dust or ash, a foreign body getting stuck under the eyelid, like sand or dirt, an injury while playing sports, wearing contact lenses that are not fitted properly, wearing contact lenses that have not been cleaned properly, rubbing your eyes, especially if you have the feeling that something is stuck in your eye, being poked in the eye, bacterial infections of the eye, and more. There are a few symptoms that are indicative of a corneal abrasion to look out for. These symptoms may include: pain in the eye, which can worsen when opening or closing the eye, the feeling that there is something stuck in your eye, constant tearing, redness of the eye, increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision in the affected eye, headache, and more. If you think you have scratched your cornea and the symptoms are uncomfortable or painful for you, simply schedule an appointment with our Lincoln Park Chicago eye doctor. We can then examine the current state of your eye, and can provide you with treatment to relieve your symptoms. We can also help determine the cause of your corneal abrasion so that you can better avoid the problem happening again in the future.

If you would like to learn more about how our Lincoln Park Chicago eye doctor can be of service to you, please visit the main Chicago Vision Club website to look through some additional information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly staff here either by phone or online.

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