Lincoln Park Diabetes Doctor

Lincoln Park Diabetes Doctor

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Diabetic Eye Care in Lincoln Park

Keeping your eyes healthy and your vision strong are our top priorities here at Chicago Vision Club. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes both pose a threat to those priorities. The complications can lead to a disease called diabetic retinopathy, whose effects include damage to your retinal blood vessels, possible hemorrhaging of them, and vision loss. It can also spur the development of glaucoma. At its worst, there is potential for life-threatening consequences.

The most alarming thing is that diabetic retinopathy can form and progress through early stages without any noticeable symptoms. When it is diagnosed early by our Lincoln Park diabetes doctor, prompt attention to treatment and management puts the odds in your favor for good outcomes. If you do observe signs, they would include spots in your field of vision (floaters), blurry vision, difficulties in perceiving colors, and vision loss. And since those are indications of later stage eye disease, you will need to see our Lincoln Park diabetes doctor right away. We recommend that you be screened on a yearly basis, which will make it more likely to result in detection before you end up suffering complications. So what happens if you do have diabetic retinopathy? That all depends on the severity of the situation. If you have suffered damage to your ocular blood vessels, surgery is required to repair them. Bleeding may necessitate the removal of your eyes’ vitreous gel. But if no physical harm has occurred, then you may only need to work regulation your blood sugar, with the help of your primary care doctor and/or endocrinologist. With dietary changes, exercise, and the appropriate medication, there is reason to be optimistic about reversing the effects.

If you are diabetic, it’s essential that you be examined once per year by our Lincoln Park diabetes doctor. Please reach out to our office and book your appointment right now.

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