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Eye Care in Lincoln Park

Do you remember the last time you had your eyes examined by a true professional? Believe it or not, your eyes may need more help than you realize. Everyone need to be receiving regular eye exams, regardless of whether or not you have a previously diagnosed vision problem. This is due to the simple fact that eye exams due more than just test the strength of your vision, they also work to examine the physical health of your eyes to detect illnesses that can cause permanent bodily harm. The only way to maintain perfect overall health is through annual Lincoln Park eye exams from the experts at the welcoming practice of the Chicago Vision Club.

10380961_xlEye care isn’t just for those who wear glasses. Even if you have never been diagnosed with a vision problem as a child, you can still develop optical illnesses later in life. As you grow older, your eyes continue to become further at risk for developing a disease which could cause permanent harm to your vision. Many of us do not feel old in our years when reach our 40th birthday, but at this age your eyes will often begin to feel the weight of your eyes by developing vision problems. Most adults over the age of 40 will begin to experience a stiffening of the natural lens of the eye. This condition, known as presbyopia, causes vision loss at close range as the lens continues to lose its flexibility, prompting the need for glasses in order to read comfortably or work at a computer. As you grow older, these problems become much more dangerous. Glaucoma and cataracts are just a few of the many optical illnesses which are often diagnoses in older patients, with younger cases occurring due to physical trauma, genetic inheritance, and even the use of certain medications such as corticosteroids. These illnesses often show no symptoms until permanent loss of sight has already begun. Your annual Lincoln Park eye exams include state of the art vision testing with the lasting in imaging technology that works to diagnose these problems in their earliest stages before harm can come to your eyes, as well as many other optical diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

For the care you need to insure perfect overall health, be sure to book your Lincoln Park eye exams at least once a year with the experts at the Chicago Vision Club. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly caring for the eyes of your local community for over 15 years with the latest advancements in optical technology and procedure for the very best in optical care. With an annual appointment at the Chicago Vision Club you can insure perfect vision for life.

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