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Eye Care in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park Optical Store
Lincoln Park Optical Store

Our Lincoln Park optical store is the one place you need to get eyeglasses, contact lenses, and all related eyewear and accessories. But at Chicago Vision Club, we’re also concerned with your eye health. This means everything from yearly screenings for common eye diseases to the diagnosis and treatment of acute symptoms to management of specific conditions long term. If it involves your eyes, then you can count on our eye doctor to help.

The foundation of top eye care is a comprehensive eye exam, which our Lincoln Park optical store recommends for all our valued patients on an annual basis. Of course, your vision will be tested. Your eyesight changes with time and it’s important to ensure that you get a prescription for corrective lenses if you need them. Or if you already wear glasses or contacts, an update might be required to give you the best vision that you’re capable of having. And for your convenience, our optical department is fully stocked with designer frames and contact lenses. We will fill your prescription right here, where you can be certain that it will be done right.

Did you know that most common eye diseases have no symptoms to alert you in their early stages? By the time you become aware of a problem, it typically is because you have already suffered some damage to your eyes or some degree of vision loss. Regular exams will let our Lincoln Park optical store find any indications early, when treatment options are the simplest and most likely to be successful.

If you do notice anything unusual, you should not hesitate to call and schedule an exam, regardless of when you had your last checkup. Are your eyes watery, itchy, or red? Are you noticing any pain? Maybe you have experienced some recent changes to your vision that concern you. That’s what our Lincoln Park optical store is here for. This includes not just you, but your children. Childhood eye problems, such as lazy eye (amblyopia) or drooping eyelid are essential to detect and treat. Call us today and book an appointment. Your eyes deserve it.

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