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Lincoln Park optometrist

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Eye disease testing in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park optometrist
Lincoln Park optometrist

Most patients think they only need to schedule an appointment with their Lincoln Park optometrist at Chicago Vision Club if they are experiencing problems with their vision or are concerned about their eye health. While we do encourage patients to arrange an office visit if they have any of the following: double or blurred vision, trouble seeing at night while driving, difficulty distinguishing objects a distance, problems reading small or fine print, find themselves shifting the distance of their reading material from their eyes, pain or pressure behind the eyes, headaches or a perceived change in vision, we also stress the importance of regular eye examinations to screen for various eye diseases that may not present any noticeable symptoms.

Regular professional visits to the eye doctor are the only option for identifying the presence of many potentially debilitating eye health issues which left undiagnosed or untreated can result in your loss of vision. At Chicago Vision Club, your premier Lincoln Park optometrist will perform a variety of eye disease testing procedures in addition to a vision acuity test. Cataracts, glaucoma and any abnormalities that can be detected within the physical structure of your eye are among the eye conditions our extensively experienced and well trained professionals will identify if present.

Our attentive and personable staff will utilize state-of-the-art equipment as well as the most modern methodologies to thoroughly examine your eyes. Along with a comprehensive exam, your Lincoln Park optometrist at Chicago Vision Club will encourage you to participate in an in-depth consultation that will allow us to assess the impact any family history, physical ailments or use of prescription medications will play on the health of your eyes. If you are diagnosed with an eye disease or any affliction to your eyes or sight, we will provide a thorough explanation of both the condition and recommended course of treatment. We urge you to take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need in order to fully understand our findings. We look forward to meeting with you soon to perform a thorough eye examination as well as a complete consultation to ensure your healthy eyes provide a lifetime of crystal clear vision.

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