Low Vision in Lake View

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Low vision in Lake View

Low vision in Lake View

When a patient has poor vision that cannot be corrected with surgery or prescription lenses, and it interferes with their ability to do their everyday tasks, they are said to have low vision. Patients with low vision can come to our Chicago Vision Club where they can receive assistance to help them be able to see more clearly with their low vision in Lake View.

When a patient has low vision, they are unable to perform their daily activities such as reading, cooking, watching television, and even attending school. Our optometrist will perform tests to see which type of items can help improve your vision. Low vision in Lake View can be caused by many different types of vision problems. Sometimes a problem like glaucoma can leave you with low vision. When you are diagnosed with low vision, there are low vision aids which may be very helpful to you. Some types of these vision aids include: telescopic glasses; magnifying glasses; reading prisms; closed-circuit television with video magnification; handheld magnifiers; freestanding magnifiers; and other vision aids which may be recommended or prescribed by our optometrist. Our optometrist will also be able to provide you information about non-optical aids which can also help people with low vision. If one will be particularly helpful in your situation our optometrist will be happy to discuss it with you. Some non-optical aids can include: text-reading software; high contrast clocks; large-print publications; clocks or phones with large numbers; and books on DVD. People with low vision are not entirely blind. They do have some vision which can be still used and enhanced with low-vision aids. Low vision patients also can experience different types of vision problems. Some patients have lost their peripheral vision, while other patients may have problems in certain areas of their vision, such as with macular degeneration.

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