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Optometrist in Lincoln Park

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Eye infections in Lincoln Park

Vision correction is the most common medical intervention in this country. Eyeglasses have been helping people see more clearly for hundreds of years and contact lenses have been in use for decades and have grown rapidly in popularity as new types of lenses have emerged that are easier to wear and are available for more types of vision problems. Our Optometrist in Lincoln Park at Chicago Vision Club specializes in vision correction of all types and especially in providing a wide array of contact lenses. While contact lenses are safe and extremely effective in correcting vision deficiencies some problems can develop.

The most common problems associated with the prolonged use of contact lenses are infections. It should be pointed out that even though infections are the most common problem our practice sees with contact lenses they still occur in a very small percentage of wearers. Factors that contribute to eye infections include use of extended wear contact lenses, reduced tear exchange under the lenses, environmental factors and poor hygiene. Following good hygiene practices and following the wear and guidelines for the particular type of contact lens can avoid many of the infections that our optometrist in Lincoln Park. The most common eye infection associated with contact lens wear is Keratitis, which is an infection of the cornea that is usually caused by bacteria, fungus, herpes or microbes often found on lenses. Blurry vision, light sensitivity, eye pain, tearing and the feeling of a foreign object in the eye are symptoms of Keratitis. Our doctor can treat fungal Keratitis through oral and topical antifungal medications.

Other negative reactions to contact lens use that our optometrist in Lincoln Park sees include corneal ulcers, which are erosions or exposed sores on the corneal, CLARE an inflammatory reaction of the cornea and conjunctiva to the lenses especially if they are worn all night and Contact Lens Papillary Conjunctivitis. Our doctor can treat these disorders through the use of medicated eye drops. In these cases contact lens use may be suspended temporarily until the condition improves. See our doctor if you are experiencing any contact lens related eye problems.

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